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Mike's FreeBSD Stuff

Hello & welcome to my corner of the web...

Here you'll find various projects/papers/rants I've written from a mostly BSD-centric point of view. If you're new to the BSD family of operating systems, then you'll find some great brainfood scattered throughout this site. And if you're a crufty ol' unix-beard, you may very well have a chuckle or two at the misadventures found herein. Some good reading either way. You can keep up-to-date by using the rss feed above. Have fun.


. Topic - Simple markup language for plain text databases.

. File system check - Repairing file systems with fsck.

. Screen savers - Loading screen saver modules.

. Auto-run - Autorun scripts at login/logoff/startup/shutdown.

. Auto-login - Login without usernames or passwords.

. IP address to variable - How to obtain your public IP address.

. Container - Put your script & data in a single container.

. Netcat - Great little tool for hacking tcp/ip.

. Running a script on a specific tty - Automating ssh/telnet.

. getkey - Tool for building shell script menus.

. Scripting FTP - Automate your uploads.

. rsh - Execute commands remotely.

. NOHUP - Run jobs after logout.

. Compressed HTML -Crush website latency once & for all.

. Tweaking lynx - Plugin support for lynx.

. gmail/mutt setup - Step-by-step instructions.

. System-wide fetchmail - Retrieve email for all users simply.

. msmtp a lightweight smtp client - How to send email.

. Soundcard setup - All about your soundcard & streaming media.

. Version control with RAR - Compress AND version files.

. File colors - Organize files by color in tsch.

. Colorized man pages - RTFM in style, 'nuff said.

. Binary Chop - Article describing the binary chop algorithm.

. File certificates - Using PGP to sign your files.

. Felix Cipher - Article describing a pencil-and-paper cipher.

. - Handy little script for $HOME backups.

. RCS Tutorial - Managing file revisions with RCS.

. The shrine of cowsay - Retro grooviness!

. Unix Apps From Wine - How to run native Unix apps within Wine.

. vi cheatsheet - My notes on using vi (not vim!).

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